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7/25/22  Where's the Merch page?!  We're shutting down the store for a bit while we're on tour. It's just too much to handle at once. We'll be back soon with CDs, shirts, songbooks, etc. Thanks for your patience.

7/24/22  "Uncle Ted" now streaming on Spotify for the first time. It's included in the new playlist, Wild and Free.

7/14/22  Slaid's new batch of songs is being mastered in Nashville. New music coming soon. "Follow" Slaid on Spotify (or your preferred service) to make sure new stuff gets to you.

6/28/22  Summer Tour dates coming up quick: Denton, OKC, Fayetteville, KC, STL, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC and New England . . .

3/12/22  Slaid did a livestream Sunday, March 20.  You can watch the replay on YouTube.

2/22/22  Lots going on after the pandemic lull.  Recordings in the works.  Tours looming.  A brand new web site.  Stay tuned . . .


Slaid Cleaves

Grew up in Maine. Lives in Texas. Writes songs. Makes records. Travels around. Tries to be good.

Joseph Hudak of Rolling Stone calls Cleaves “a master storyteller, one influenced not by the shine of pop-culture but by the dirt of real life.”

Slaid's not much into social media. You can reach him on Twitter or on the Contact page of this site

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